Rye bread with sunflower seeds, 30 g

id80The graph shows changes in blood glucose over time after consuming 30 grams of rye bread with sunflower seeds. Figures of this type can be called glucose impulses or glycemic impulses of food products.

Characteristics of the ingested food product:

id id id80
Posiłek Meal Rye bread with sunflower seeds
W C 43.40
T Ft 5.6
B Pt 6.40
Bk Df 4.10
mo ni 55.40
mn=100-mo nni 44.60
WRGp=W-Bk CGi=C-Df 39.3
m m 30
pow area 3272
DI=m/pow DI=m/area 9.2
WRGb CGd 32.5
WRGbm CGdm 9.7
ck cgt
cg snt

Explanatory notes:

id id Identifier
Posiłek Meal Meal name, how it has been prepared, cooked and eaten
W C Carbohydrates per 100 g of the meal
T Ft Fats per 100 g of the meal
B Pt Proteins 100 g of the meal
Bk Df Dietary fiber per 100 g of the meal
mo ni Nutritive ingredients (ni=carbohydrates + fats +proteins) per 100 g of the meal
mn=100-mo nni Non-nutritive ingredients (nni=100 – ni = water + ash) per 100 g of the meal
WRGp=W-Bk CGi=C-Df Carbohydrates are broken down to glucose per 100 g. Meal determined indirectly.
m m Weight of food consumed
pow area Area of a glucose impulse (mg*min./dl) after consumption of meal sample of m g
DI=m/pow DI=m/area Diabetic Indeks is the ratio of the mass of the food sample to the surface area of thef glucose impulse Diabetic Index depends on both the health of the subject, and the content of carbohydrates, which are digestible glucose in the human body.
WRGb CGd Carbohydrates, which are broken down to glucose, per 100 g of the meal determined by the direct method (read more).
WRGbm CGdm Carbohydrates, which are broken down to glucose, in the sample of meal determined by the direct method (read more).
ck cgt Cooking time min.
cg snt Consumption time min.


Glucose impulses of food products are easy to determine. They characterize both glycemic properties of food products as well as health status of a diabetic

They are particularly useful in the states of pre-diabetes (a patient controls blood glucose by diet alone), and type 2 diabetes ((a patient not only takes medicines and controls blood sugar by diet).

Contents of cargohydrates, that are broken down to glukoce in stomac, determined by direct method are much more reliable and accurate than carbohydrate equivalent exchangers
and glycemic indexes GI.

The information contained in glycemic impulses determined by type 2 diabetics, as well as by healthy individuals can be used by type 1 diabetics, that have no insulin dosing pumps.